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Business Consulting

3Paradoxes Consulting

I am convinced that science should make an impact in the world through direct communication with the public in a way that is both accessible and not overly simplified. In order to share my expertise with a larger audience, I have expanded my activities and ventured into the business world. 

Availing myself of education at three of Europe’s top-ranked Business Schools, I am currently completing an Executive MBA at HEC Paris, a Coaching Certificate at INSEAD, and a certificate in Change and Leadership at the London School of Economics. Equipped with the practical know-how transmitted in these institutions, I founded 3Paradoxes Consulting, a firm that blends the timeless wisdom of the Himalayas with cutting-edge scientific insights to craft innovative meditation programs for today's change leaders. The company’s unique approach transforms meditative practice from a stress-reduction tool to a dynamic technology of change, empowering leaders to leverage our shifting reality as a catalyst for profound personal and global transformation.

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