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Leadership Consulting

3Paradoxes Consulting

I am convinced that science should make an impact in the world through direct communication with the public in a way that is both accessible and not overly simplified. In order to share my expertise with a larger audience, I have expanded my activities and ventured into the business world. 

Availing myself of education at three of Europe’s top-ranked Business Schools, I am currently completing an Executive MBA at HEC Paris, a Coaching Certificate at INSEAD, and a certificate in Change and Leadership at the London School of Economics. Equipped with the practical know-how transmitted in these institutions, I founded a consulting startup. With 3Paradoxes Consulting, I position myself at the vibrant crossroads of change, leadership, and strategy, tackling the intricate puzzles that our fast-paced world unfurls. This new venture is the culmination of a diverse array of experiences, from academic roles to profound revelations in the Himalayas. My focus with 3Paradoxes Consulting is on morphing complex and seemingly contradictory challenges into golden opportunities through innovative solutions that stretch beyond the conventional bounds of consulting.


At the essence of my approach is the artful navigation of three fundamental paradoxes: leveraging uncertainty to steer through change, cultivating leadership from the wellsprings of self-discovery, and fortifying strategy by welcoming setbacks. I am driven by the conviction that true leaders are maestros of balancing conflicting concepts, transforming discord into harmony and obstacles into stepping stones for advancement


Through 3Paradoxes Consulting, I offer an array of programs meticulously designed to refine leadership acumen and strategic insight amidst constant flux. Programs like "Fearless Flow," "Mandala of Change," and "Reflective Odyssey" are my creations to spark creativity, resilience, and profound self-awareness in participants. Each program is tailored to address various facets of personal and professional evolution, harnessing the power of paradoxes to bolster change, leadership, and strategic prowess.


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 3Paradoxes Consulting transcends the boundaries of mere personal and professional development; it is a sanctuary where meditation and ancient Buddhist philosophies converge to redefine leadership. I advocate for meditation as a catalyst for leadership transformation, suggesting that age-old practices can shed light on the path to exceptional leadership and drive substantial change. Through the diverse programs at 3Paradoxes Consulting, my aim is to shepherd individuals and organizations on their transformative odysseys, converting modern-day challenges into avenues for growth and distinction.

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