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A Life of Learning and Leading

From the classrooms of Switzerland over the monasteries of the Himalayas to the waves of the Tasman Sea, I've dedicated my life to exploring the efficacy and impact of contemplative practices. My research is not just an academic pursuit; it is a personal mission to uncover the transformative power of meditation in its authentic, culturally rich contexts. By emphasizing meditation as a personalized tool for transformation rather than a generic solution for stress relief, I aim to bring a nuanced understanding to this ancient practice to unlock its potential for our contemporary world.

Beyond the university walls, I founded Surfing Buddha Synergy, a consulting firm that pioneers cutting-edge meditation programs. Drawing from my intensive immersion into the business world—including an Executive MBA from HEC Paris and certificates from INSEAD and the London School of Economics—I offer executive coaching and leadership development that transcends traditional boundaries. My approach empowers today's leaders to harness change for personal and global transformation.

As I continue to navigate the confluence of academia, science, and business, my goal is to seamlessly connect these worlds with insights and expertise. Whether you are a student, a fellow academic, a business leader, or simply someone intrigued by the transformative power of contemplative practices, I invite you to reach out.


Let's explore the possibilities together. Connect with me to engage in dialogue, collaboration, or to learn more about my work and how it can benefit you or your organization. Together, we can navigate the complex, ever-changing landscape of our world, finding balance and insight in the wisdom of the past and the innovations of the future.

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